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 Communicate with Steph. This is key to any effective team:) Before, during and after the event.

 Come to work prepared. I won’t beg you to come to work and be ready for the job if you don’t meet my standards, I won’t hire you again. Easy as that.

 Transporting the mobile bar. Make sure your car is cleaned out and has enough room for the supplies you will be bringing with you. This also means making sure your car is in working condition and filled with gas.
 Practice safe serving. Don’t serve minors, don’t over serve guests, don’t serve past midnight (our insurance’s rule) and always be in control of the alcohol. The safety of our client’s guests and our company depend on it.

 Be a team player. This means cleaning and taking care of our bar supplies, putting dirty rags in the dirty rags bin, dishes in the dish pit and perishable items in the fridge. Make sure you double check the bar before leaving so you don’t lose our bar equipment. Shit is expensive – We try to buy the nice stuff and ensure you will have everything you will need.