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we believe in normalizing practices and learning how to be more involved in creating a sustainable community. below are some ways we have worked towards getting involved in those efforts.

Profound Microfarms

BioAgave Straws


We proudly compost any viable unused product(s) or waste from event prep or the event itself- and are continuously striving to decrease our footprint. 

Agave based straws that are 100% compostable, have a similar texture to plastic, and believe in offering the best sustainable solutions fo the hospitality industry. A green solution that doesn't compromise price or quality. 

Located in Lucas TX, Profound Farms are sustainaibly greenhouse grown flowers, vegetables, plants etc. that use 93% less water than traditional farms, benefit insects, and future farming, all while offering delivery and pickup to North Texas. We believe in supporting those who create ethically and in support of the world around us :)

Professional Affiliations

Professional Wedding Guilde

Boss Babes Wedding Industry Network

Membership Link

Membership Link

After years of attending networking events that seemed a bit stiff and insincere, Miranda and Venetta came up with an idea to host monthly happy hours and invite other women in the wedding industry to meet and interact. More fellowship, less cheese. More hugs, less handshakes. REAL friendships and connections that can be utilized to promote and refer each other in the wedding and event   We want to get to know you. We want to celebrate your wins. We want to help you succeed and grow as a business-woman.  

The Professional Wedding Guild of Fort Worth is an organization of event professionals committed to a higher level of excellence, service, and quality. Our mission is to form a solid network of wedding service professionals who can promote one another to couples planning weddings in the Fort Worth Area. The Professional Wedding Guild is dedicated to the promotion of professionalism in the wedding industry and the building of knowledge of its member’s businesses through networking at monthly luncheons and organized events.

If you are interested in joining in this party as a golfer, volunteer, or a sponsor, please check out our Swing Your Wood Site for more information. 

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Sometimes we like to be the host too, and when we throw a party EVERYONE is invited!

One event we have started to grow is our Annual Swing Your Wood Charity Golf Tournament. Starting in 2018, we are beyond pumped to kick off round SIX next summer, June 15th, 2024.

because raising awareness and money for charity was meant to be fun

swing your wood

In our first five years, we have raised just over $11,000 collectively for the Wounded Warrior Project + North Texas Warrior Golf Association. We hope to grow that number over the years while we build up our tournament. Focused on creating lasting memories, we look to bring friends, old and new, together for one full day of shit-talking, cold beers, golf, cute girls, and raising money and awareness for our partnered charity, NORTH TEXAS WARRIOR GOLF ASSOCIATION!


we believe in building and supporting the communities we're a part of, check out some charities close to our heart that we've built relationships with and continually support.

A foundation inspired by Jordan's own experiences and family, this foundation looks to give back to four pillars: Individuals with Special Needs, Junior Golf, Military Families and Veterans, & Pediatric Cancer research/aid. 

Jordan Spieth Family Foundation

An organization with the goal of empowering combat veterans, and former professional athletes, by providing them assistance in the transition to their new normal, along with personal/mental aid, and reminding them that they are never alone. 

Merging Vets & Players

A foundation with the focus of building community, dedicated to creating a more humanitarian society, and benefiting the lives of children, veterans, and athletes. 

Lewis Family Foundation

An association with the mission of providing rehabilitate experiences through the sport of golf for injured/recovering service members within North Texas.

North Texas Warrior Golf Association

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