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We are here to assist you in preparing your menu and your shopping list for your upcoming event. This page consists of recommendations and ideas but is meant to be used only as a guideline. Feel free to mix it up and create whatever menu you want! 

We will start with looking at what type of standard menu you might want to serve. From there, we can look at how many drinks you'll need of each menu item for your event, and then we will help convert that into a shopping list for yourself.

If you decide to book your services with us, we can help you dive in and customize your shopping list more to account for light and heavy drinkers, limited menus during cocktail hours, wine pairing to meals, and more! 

super simple

Wanting to offer alcoholic beverages at your upcoming event but want to keep it super simple? Try only a couple beer options and a wine for the occasion.

standard event

Here's something a little more standard, with a handful of beer and wine options.

signature cocktail fun

Add a signature cocktail or two to your standard bar menu and you'll add a little fun for your guests. Some people offer the signature cocktail as the only beverage during cocktail hour to keep service fast with pre batched cocktails. Check out our cocktail menu and mixer packages for ideas and pricing on some signature cocktails.

just adding some liquor

If your venue or event allows liquor, adding a few bottles to add to the variety will ensure you appeal to a wider range of guests' tastes. If you plan on adding liquor but not featuring a signature cocktail, be sure to plan a few mixers to go along with the liquor you provide.

your favorite bar

With the right selection of liquors, mixers, beer and wine, guests will feel like they are walking into their favorite bar and able to order anything off the menu (within reason). We highly suggest adding one of our mixer packages to accompany your liquor list.

the works

Are you a party host wanting to have the absolute best drink selection at your upcoming event - then bring out the works! Your guests are sure to be impressed.

other menu options

Other bar menu options to consider are champagne toasts and substituting bottled beer for draft beer. We will look at both more closely later.

standard menus

calculating drinks

With cocktail parties, dinner parties, poker nights, and corporate events all having very different consumption averages, it is impossible to accurately estimate the needed drinks for every event perfectly, but there are some guidelines that we can use to get within a close range. We will give you the tools to get a rough estimate of the amount of drinks you'll need to purchase for your upcoming event. This does not take in to effect your specific guests' drinking habits (are they light, average or heavy drinkers), your event's vibe (is it upbeat with a club scene or an office party) or any other more specific event details. We can help you get a more accurate number after booking.

# of guests

# of hours

add 1 extra hour
(to account for your guests drinking an extra drink the first hour)




To figure out how much beer, wine, and/or liquor you'll need, you can simply divide the drinks up evenly between each beverage option you choose to provide your guests (ie: beer, wine, liquor). For a more in depth shopping list, we can help you account for your guests preferring more wine or more beer over another option and so on. For simplicity, you may divide the drink count by half for two options or by 3 for three options.

Example: 100 guests x 4 hours = 500 drinks
500 drinks / 3 drink options (beer, wine + liquor) = 167 drinks of each




1 12oz bottle or can = 1 drink
1 16oz bottle or can = 1 drink
1 half barrel keg = 125 drinks
1 quarter barrel keg = 62 drinks

1 750mL bottle = 5 drinks
1.5L bottle = 10 drinks
3L box = 20 drinks
5L box = 34 drinks

1 750mL bottle = 16 drinks
1L bottle = 22 drinks
1.5L bottle = 33 drinks
1.75L bottle = 39 drinks
3L bottle = 67 drinks
4.5L bottle = 101 drinks

standard drink pours

Now take how many drinks total of beer, wine, and/or liquor you calculated from the step before and divide by the number of drinks in the size of bottle you want to purchase.

(167 drinks of wine / 5 drinks per 1 750mL bottle) = 34 750mL bottles

Beer - 167 bottles or cans OR about 7 24-packs
Wine - 34 750mL bottles or 17 1.5L bottles
Liquor - 8 1L bottls OR 4 1.75L bottles




To deliver these personalized cocktail and menu recommendations, alongside a customized shopping list, we'll need to gather specific information about you, your guests, and your event. This ensures that our suggestions are precisely tailored and appropriate. As the planning process is detailed and involves close collaboration, we initiate this phase only after the booking is confirmed, the contract is signed, and the retainer is received.



Once you've booked your services with us, we can help you tweak your shopping list to account for more detailed circumstances and review with you to answer any questions you have!