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Welcome to the ultimate destination for all your wedding day libation needs! Get ready to pop the bubbly, raise your glasses, and celebrate love like never before, because our wedding day bar services are here to rock your world! With our unbeatable combination of edgy flair and unmatched expertise, we'll make sure your special day is infused with the perfect blend of excitement and unforgettable memories. So, whether you're looking for top-notch mixologists, dazzling drink options, or just an epic party experience, you've arrived at the right place. Explore our wedding collections, discover our pricing options, and let's kick-start the celebration of a lifetime!

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certified and fully insured

All of our Professional Partier bartenders are TABC certified and W2, liquor liability insured employees. 

We are fully insured, carrying liquor liability and all general business insurances, with coverages up to 1M per occurrence, meeting standard venue requirements.

For any venue with any additional requirements, we'd be happy to add them to our policy and/or sign any bar vendor contracts, in order to be there for your big day! 



Striving to provide a professional
service from beginning to end, we  take the party business pretty
seriously and will always maintain  a certain level of professionalism.

We know that when hiring a  bartender for your special event,  you're not looking for just any  bartender, you're looking for one  that can provide exceptional  service in a fun environment.

Fully insured and reasonably
priced, we offer a variety of customizable experiences, constantly working towards improvements.






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Now that we've done all the hard work, it's time to sit back and enjoy the party! You have hired a professional after all!

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